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The Shaklee Life : Independent Distributor

As a Shaklee Independent Distributors, we get out of our shell, all the time. Sure, when you hear the word 'events', you might be thinking of some big formal event, but in reality our "events" could be any of the following:

  • Hanging out with friends I've invited to the park
  • Dialing into a conference call to talk with people all across the nation
  • A meeting in our home or at a local hotel
  • A super fun yearly Shaklee Global Conference where we all get together and learn
  • A get together with customers to tell them about new specials

The point is, for us 'events' are happening all the time. Call it pre-scheduled fun, pre-scheduled work, or something else ... our events are really as flexible, formal or informal as we want to make them.



Join Us

Sunday, January 28th for a Goal Board Party.  Work togther to set our visions, dreams, and goals for 2018

RSVP at burbachulous@gmail.com