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My name is Lisa Burbach and I am a Master Certified Health Coach in Greensboro, NC.  One of my mantras is “The anticipation of something is far worse than the doing of it.” When I keep this in mind and push past my thoughts and attitude I then enjoy the reward of my accomplishments.   As a Health Coach I work with individuals to realize the same truth through the principles of Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition with a focus on attitude because that is usually where the true challenge is.  It gives me great joy to watch a client move through this process, going from the thought/anticipation of exercising more, eating better, and having a healthier lifestyle; and then moving into the action/doing.  The success of seeing themselves meet a goal they have set or desired is where attitude begins to change.   I think of this journey like working in a garden, but we are cultivating thoughts and yielding action.


I would love to work with you to meet your health and wellness goals.  lisa@yieldingaction.com