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 VanWhy I, as an environmentalist, love Shaklee 

- Van Burbach, Ph.D., P.G.

Aldo Leopoldo wrote: "a conservationist is one who is humbly aware that with each stroke he is writing his signature on the face of the land. Signatures, of course, differ, whether written with ax or with pen, and this is as it should be." As a Christian, I believe we are called to be good stewards of this beautiful, bountiful planet God made for us. As stewards, we need to be aware of the impact everything we do has on the Earth and all the living things God put in our care.

In my profession as an an environmental geologist and as a long-time advocate for good stewardship of our planet, I take it as my responsibility to make wise, environmentally safe, choices in the products I use and the companies I support. That is one of the reasons I love Shaklee! Dr. Forest Shaklee made a commitment more than 60 years ago, before environmentalism was in vogue, that he would never sell a product that hurt one cell of the human body or that hurt the environment in any way, and Shaklee Corporation has lived up to that commitment. 

In 1960, Shaklee introduced Basic H, one of the first non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products, followed by a whole line of environmentally safe products to make our homes both healthy and clean. Shaklee cleaning products were chosen by Jaques Cousteau for his research vessels because they were safe for the environment, and in 1990, Basic H was chosen as one to the first official Earth Day Products. Also, because Basic H is sold only as a concentrate, use of Basic H has eliminated millions of plastic bottles which otherwise would have ended up in our landfills or littering our landscape.

But it isn't just the products; as a corporation, Shaklee has put it's money where its mouth is! In 2000, Shaklee opened its new world headquarters, which won awards as one of the first green building projects for its energy-saving design and use of sustainable materials. Also in 2000, Shaklee became the first corporation in the world to be certified as climate-neutral, offsetting 100% of its carbon emissions. Add to that numerous scientific, humanitarian, and environmental projects that have been sponsored by Shaklee, and the many awards Shaklee has received for its leadership in sustainable energy and protecting our environment, and you can see why I laud Shaklee. 

But it isn't just the fact that Shaklee and its products are good for the environment, they also work! My wife and I have used many cleaning products over the years, and none clean better than Shaklee! Even if you are not a tree hugger like me, you will love what Shaklee can do for your home; and the peace of mind that comes from knowing the products are safe for your family and pets is invaluable. 



 I am a Certified Health Coach and someone who needs to know the why and how behind everything.  It isn't enough to just have someone's word I need the science to back it up!  That is what I found with Shaklee.  I was impressed that they could back up their products with cold, hard facts, and then I did just like Dr. Shaklee said to do in the beginning, I used the products and proved their value.

As a Health Coach I tell clients to choose supplements and supplement companies carefully; they must be natural, peer reviewed, third party tested, do what they say they will do in the body, and gauranteed.  Shaklee is all this and more!

My Shaklee story begins with a container of Scour Off, given to me as a gift 27 years ago.  This cleaner was an amazing cleanser, but more imortantly it made me aware of Shaklee. Years later when doing an online search for vitamins I discovered that my popular, name brand vitamin only had an absorption rate of around 5%!  That's when I remembered that little container of Scour Off and remembered that I had a friend who sold Shaklee. 

I started using Shaklee cleaners and supplements, but not the Iron. I had been anemic for 15 years and was taking 150 mg of an iron supplement my Dr. told me to take, but I couldn't get my iron levels up.  I took the one he prescribed vs the Shaklee because I wanted to do what my Dr. said to do. In frustration, I gave up and took the Shaklee Iron plus C which is only 18 mg and in 3 months my iron levels were borderline normal, I then increased to two a day, which brought it to 32mg and in 3 more months my iron was in the middle of the normal range! I felt normal again and healthy.  I saw the value of the products proved in my own life and have never turned back.  Since then I have many more examples of how Shaklee has benefitted me and my heatlh and I truly believe my health and longevity depend on Shaklee.

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